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Market study : Bangladesh at a glance

General information:

Area: 147,570 km2
Population: 150.25 million (year 2012)
Composition: Islam 89%, Hindu 9%
GDP growth rate: 6.32% (year 2013)
Per capital income: US$ 1044 (year 2012-13)
Inflation: 7.87% (year 2013)
Literacy rate: 58%

Garment Industry

Garment exports : US$ 21.51 billion (year 2012-13)
% of total exports: : 79.63%
No. of garment factories: : 5,600 ( year 2012)
No. of employment: : 4.0 Million (year 2012)

Bangladesh is a combination of competitive market, business-friendly environment and cost structure that can give the best returns. Offers a well-educated, highly adaptive and industrious workforce with the lowest wages and salaries in the region.

The country has consistently developed a skilled workforce catering to investors needs. English is widely spoken, making communication easy. Bangladesh is strategically located next to India, China and ASEAN markets. Bangladesh has proved to be an attractive investment location with its 150.25 million population and consistent economic growth leading to strong and growing domestic demand. Energy prices in Bangladesh are the most competitive in the region.

Bangladesh offers the most liberal FDI regime in South Asia, allowing 100% foreign equity with unrestricted exit policy, easy remittance of royalty, and repatriation of profits and incomes. Bangladesh offers export-oriented industrial enclaves with infrastructural facilities and logistical support for foreign investors.

The Industries are Textiles, Jute, Garments, Tea Processing, Paper Newsprint, Cement, Chemical Fertilizer, Light Engineering, Sugar, Ceramics and Pharmacy. Bangladesh exports mainly Ready Made Garments (79.63% of exports revenue). Others include: Shrimps, Jute Goods (including Carpet), Leather Goods and Tea. Bangladesh imports mostly Petroleum Product and Oil, Machinery and Parts, Soybean and Palm Oil, Raw Cotton, Iron, Steel and Wheat.